Friday, December 7, 2012

VIBRAVOID – Gravity Zero (2012)

VIBRAVOID – Gravity Zero
2012 (LP/CD Sulatron Records) 

First of all I’d like to Thank Dr. Christian for including here the 7” version of HP Lovecraft’s “The White Ship”, originally released as a split single with Psychedelic Fanzine TimeMazine (Issue #6 – Autumn 2011). For those who weren't aware this is a nice chance to experience and admire Vibravoid’s unique creativity! So, just a few months from their latest release (“Minddrugs”), Vibravoid are here once more, faithful to their standard rendezvous with the Underground People. Another Vibravoid album. Another Psych Underground Masterpiece! Another Acid punch in ya psychedelic face! Colorful, Mind-blowing, a Vibravoid standard! The vinyl edition includes 9 songs in total, 6 new original tunes and 3 vibra-cover versions that have been recently released (“No Silver Bird”, “Shot Gun Wedding” and “The White Ship”). All three have been previously reviewed so let’s stick to the new ones. “Gravitation Zero” is an over-effected 13:23min Heavy Acidly psychedelic future-trip in time and space. “Photosynthesis In Darkness” is a just 3:08min timeless psych-alarm. “Travelling Without Moving” is a Cocktail with experimental weird sounds from outer space, an interlude of just 1:38min. Side B opens with a Flower Children Anthem, the psychedelic revelation of “Eruptions Of The Green Sun”, 4:03min long with a great use of sitar and wonderful inspired lyrics. “Get Out Of Here” (4:14min) comes in the same reverberated Vibra-motive, hard to believe that Doctor Koch wrote a song about… Hate! (Love is Freedom… Remember Christian?) Vinyl closes with “BrainPlane”, eastern influenced with lots of dope using all the kinds of effects that they can handle, an out of Reality tune, indeed. CD includes 2 bonus cuts… A Smash Hit Album! Space, Up Your Face… End of Transmitting… TimeLord Michalis

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