Friday, December 7, 2012

BLML – The Gift (2011)

BLML – The Gift
2011 (LP/CD Happy Crasher) 

Once upon a time, back in far away 1993, one of the best Underground Alternative Garage-Punk Greek bands ever (The Last Drive) were about to end one of the most successful chapters in Greek Rock History (only to return more successful after 12 years, in 2007). 2 bands popped up from Last Drive's ashes… Earthbound and Blackmail. Blackmail released 3 albums. Life After Death (1993), Overexposed (1995) and 7 (2001). After a 10 years silence they “changed” their name to the symbolic BLML and they hit us with The Gift. What a pleasant surprise this is! All songs are composed and arranged by ‘mastermind’ of the band George Karanikolas, who also wrote all the lyrics, sings and plays guitar. The rest of the gang consists of aRGie on bass, Panagiotis T on drums and Tellos on keyboards. 10 compositions with inspired lyrics and a mood of a slight experimentation with late 60s psych and early 70s hard rock under a modern freshy alternative way. Album starts with “Godless”, a dynamic groovy post-new waver! “Tell Me Dark” is a cool rocker with Hammond & piano sound along with discreet touches of violin & viola. George K’s voice is in better shape than ever! “Death Ray” with its wild guitar riffs brings to mind the nostalgic early 90s new-alternative underground atmosphere. “War Is Over” is a Rocker while the closing (of Side A) “Love Is Lightning” is a beautiful almost jazzy-almost psychedelic lovely ballad with a swirling guitar sound that leaves you with a nice deserted nostalgic feeling, only wish this one lasted more. Side B opens with “Flight”, a mid-tempo song that emerges in the best way showing the great and strong musicianship among the members. “Devil’s Toy” and “Monkey Brain” are moving into a guitar driven relaxing balladesque motive with really interesting lyrics. “Sirens” is more pop-rock with an ambitious feeling while the instrumental “Hermione’s Sleep Code (my personal highlight) closes the album in a splurging screamy dark and almost chaotic way moving into unknown psych paths. The Gift is sounding so fresh that is hard to believe that this band has been going on for almost 20 years! BLML thank you for The GiftTimeLord Michalis

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