Friday, December 7, 2012

PRISMA CIRCUS / NOMEGA – Prisma Circus / Nomega (2012)

Prisma Circus / Nomega
2012 (Split LP Nasoni Records) 

Another Nasoni record destined to be a classic by its first day of release. Two promising bands sharing from each side of this split (only LP) release. Prisma Circus are a powerful trio, born in 2010 in Catalonia, Barcelona and A side includes their debut EP (released earlier in February as a digital download). Opening track “The Great Car” is an early 70s heavy rock number with a psych middle section getting harder with a distinctive acid guitar sound as the grooves spin. “Paradox” is a mix of early Thin Lizzy with Captain Beyond, a wild heavy n’ roll tune with lots of fuzzy wah wah guitars and bluesy vocals. “The Light” is a Zeppelinesque Hendrix flavored dynamic song with hot guitar licks becoming alternately from hard to more blues psych. Side closes with “The Genius” a heavy blues number with echoed vocals. Inspired band with excellent song writing, the future is theirs. Nomega are an energetic improvisational jam quartet hailing from Timisoara, Romania, existing no longer than 2 years and this is a demo EP recorded earlier this year that occupies Side B of this split album. Just 2 tracks, will do the job. “Samsara (Ebb & Flow)” starts hypnotically becoming a psych-stoner jam with various tempo changes and lots of ‘psyched’ guitar noise on the background while “Mountain Tusk (Collision & Collapse)” shows its intentions from the very first second. A wild stoner with a few dispersed words (is it stoner-psych poetry? Cool!!!) and when the speech is over, psych weirdness takes the leading role in a psychedelic guitar driven sound. We are here to worship sound. “We are here to influence your psyche. WE ARE HERE TO MAKE SOME NOISE!” Well done boys, it took you less than 20min to succeed! TimeLord Michalis

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