Friday, December 7, 2012

STONED JESUS – Seven Thunders Roar (2012)

STONED JESUS – Seven Thunders Roar
2012 (LP Nasoni Records) 

This is the 2nd release by this heavy-stoner-psych band hailing from Eastern Europe (Ukraine) and by now you must have learned that if it’s on Nasoni Records then the ‘musical’ quality is guaranteed. Album kicks off with “Bright Like The Morning” (8:40), starting in a slow vein, becoming a fast stoner psych tune and reducing speed at the end. “Electric Mistress” (9:20) makes you wonder where the hell those decibels are coming from, with its 70s hard rock feel and the image of a really young Ozzy singing in a Tool record. Atmosphere becomes heavy mystical in the middle thanks to all those Sabbath slow torturous riffs. Side A closes with “Indian” (5:00), another Sabbathetic stoner. Side B opens with the Magnificent “I’m The Mountain” (12:45), an epic prog tune starting in a slow acoustic way, becoming progressively a heavy psych stoner journey with inspired lyrics. Album closes with “Stormy Monday” (not the classic one) (9:35), a mid-tempo stoner balladesque song, slowing down when lyrics are entering, with a Monster Magnet feel (circa Superjudge). An inspired combination of stoner and psych under a heavy rock 70s vein in an astonishing fresh way! TimeLord Michalis

get it here: http://www.nasoni-records.com/ 

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