Saturday, December 8, 2012

NIRVANA ’69 – Cult (2012)

NIRVANA ’69 – Cult

2012 (CD Global Recording Artists)


I use this CD comp as a background soundtrack, and I’m browsing carefully the pages of Patrick Campbell-Lyons’ book “Psychedelic Days”, in a desperate try to check if I missed any interesting detail, though it’s the 6th or maybe 7th time of reading… Title songs, lyrics and melodies are blending inside my head with faces and places… Second Thoughts, “Wings Of Love”, Speedy Keen, Simon Simopath, Alex Spyropoulos,  “Lonely Boy”, Island Records, “Pentecost Hotel”, Guy Stevens, Mickie Most, “Rainbow Chaser”, Simon Dupree, All Of Us, “Tiny Goddess”, Salvator Dali, “Darling Darlene”… This is another highly recommended starter for all those who haven’t got (YET) Nirvana’s first 2 albums, or for those who just want a CD to avoid stopping reading and having to get up to change sides of the vinyl. TimeLord Michalis

Karl has a copy for you here:  

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