Monday, December 17, 2012

MR. PETER HAYDEN – Born A Trip (2012)

2012 (CD Kauriala Society)

Though they’re 10 years old, this is the 2nd full length album release, by this Finnish psych quintet. We were somehow accustomed with Mr Peter Hayden’s long trippy improvisational acidly drenched jams, but this one really overtakes our expectations. Born A Trip is a travelogue ambient astral musical adventure and consists of just one song, the self-titled 68:20min, Born A Trip! It starts slowly, torturous with a guitar oriented sound and then it transforms into a space capsule full of distorted and effected guitars. After a 10min period, the sonic storm is calming down, and from now on the ‘discovery mission’ takes over. 23rd minute… Images of undiscovered landscapes… 31st minute… Nowhere to Land… The trip continues… Space is Deep… So Deep… Approaching new territories… 40 minute… There’s a new Light, then darkness again through lots of progressive elements and heavy psychness… 48 minute… A small Ray of Light. Is it a self-luminous planet?... Peaceful… Serene… 55 minute… Darkness, Darkness… Inside a Black Hole… Endless Tunnel… Where is that noise coming from? Ah! Is it Earth? Yes! It is! But How?... End of transmission. Wish I had pushed the ‘repeat’ button on the CD player… Well, it’s worth tripping with Mr. Peter Hayden’s time-vehicle! Take this Trip! TimeLord Michalis

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