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TimeMazine #6 (info: mtimelord@gmail.com)

TimeMazine #6 (Autumn ’11)
Psychedelic Greek Fanzine,
88 pages (A4) full of psych, all in English,
with 14track FREE CD compilation
PLUS a 7” Split Vinyl Single

- BARRY MELTON (Country Joe & The Fish)

- SAL VALENTINO (The Beau Brummels/Stoneground)

- GARY ‘MAGIC’ MARKER (The Rising Sons/Fusion/Cpt.Beefheart)


- MARTY ROTH (Bent Wind)

- BILL MILLER (Cold Sun)

- ALAN TEPPER (Fantasyy Factoryy)

- MANOLIS (THE FRANTIC V) (Greek Band of the Issue)


- IRON BUTTERFLY (by N.Warburton)

- MARK TULIN (Electric Prunes) R.I.P. (by James Lowe)

- CAPTAIN BEEFHEART R.I.P. (by Gary ‘Magic’ Marker)

- The Sixties Mind of ... HAMMOND GUTHRIE “An Elysian Field”

- FAIRFIELD PARLOUR’s “White Faced Lady” 40yrs later by BryanO’Keefe

- Ultimate 60s Time Songs - “I’m 5 Years Ahead of my Time” by RUSTY EVANS

- ... tons of LP/CD/EP/7” reviews...

CD Compilation:

01. JULY - Dreams (2010) UNRELEASED
02. PETER DALTREY - The Room Of Percussion (2011)
03. BARRY ‘the Fish’ MELTON – The Butcher’s Boy (Live 2005) UNRELEASED
05. SOUND MACHINE – Gotta Ease My Mind (1967) 
06. THE FRANTIC FIVE – High Flying Bird (2011)
07. MERRELL FANKHAUSER – Alien Talk (1986)
08. JOHN YORK AND KIM FOWLEY – Angels and Trucks (2010)
09. SAL VALENTINO – Love Songs (2006)
10. FANTASYY FACTORYY – Gypsy Lover (1997)
11. THE LOCKED WARD – Breaker Of Lives And Souls (2011) UNRELEASED
12. ELECTRIC MOON – Kleiner Knaller (2011) UNRELEASED
13. COLD SUN – Live Again (Live 1972)
14. VIBRAVOID – Suppose They Give Us A War And No One Comes (2010) UNRELEASED

7” Split Single:

Side A: VIBRAVOID - The White Ship
Side B: DRUG FREE YOUTH - Teenage Lima Bean

A side: The White Ship by Vibravoid

B side: Teenage Lima Bean by Drug Free Youth

comes in 3 different colors
Black - Red - Glow-Yellow

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Excerpts from Barry Melton Interview (... TimeMazine #6 - Autumn 2011)

Hey! Please do enjoy some excerpts from Barry "The Fish" Melton Interview, taken from Issue 6 of out psychedelic Fanzine "TimeMazine". It is a 10page(!) interview with lots of Q's & A's dressed with many photos. If you wish to have an actual printed copy of the Zine, just drop a line, a mail, or whatever.......TimeLord Michalis

E: You met Joe at the Jabberwock?
B: No. Joe actually called me up on the phone and said “my name is Joe McDonald and I’m making a recording of a couple of songs and I called up Dan Paik who says he knows you and Dan said that you would be more appropriate to do this recording with me than he is. He said you’re a better guitar player and I should call you up”. We met and went down to Campbell Coe’s music store in Berkeley because one of the tunes was supposed to be an electric song.  The song was called ‘Superbird’ and it ended up on this little EP that we made that was supposed to be a talking issue for a magazine... Rag Baby... put out by Joe and Ed Denson. In any event we made it at Chris Strachwitz’s house. We had 2 songs... one was an electric song. We actually rehearsed for this recording. We went down to Campbell Coe’s... where People’s Park is now... and rented an electric guitar and an amplifier... we rehearsed the song ‘Superbird’ and the ‘Feel Like I’m Fixing to Die’ rag was with this jug band that included a guy named Carl Schrager on washtub bass and a guy named Mike Beardslee was singing along with him and Joe played guitar and I played guitar. Bill Steel, another old Berkeley jug band guy played too.

E: So how did you get the Fish thing?
B: Well how did Joe get the Country Joe thing? Neither of us identified ourselves by those names at that time. That was just a joke name that Ed Denson had come up with and this is an era when people are having weird band names and we thought we’d have one too. Ultimately speaking at some point in time I think those names crystallised to become identified with Joe as Country Joe and Barry as the Fish but that of course was over years of changing bands, of going through different permutations and the only constant was Joe McDonald and Barry Melton so we must be CJ & F because the only constant thing about CJ & F were these two guys. 

E: How much of a place did psychedelics play?  You guys used to play tripping out on acid.
B: As I pointed out and it’s true from a musicological point of view the drugs were entirely incidental from what was going on which was a transition of folk music into a more improvisational form that melded jazz idioms and other things into an instrumental form. CJ & F to this very day and Barry Melton as a musician to this very day is nothing more than a folk musician who melded jazz improvisational themes into folk music and somehow carved it into a new musical idiom in the ‘60s. This idea that drugs made it happen or that drugs make anything happen is a magical idea. What I mean is that it’s magical thinking. It’s not true. 

E: When you went over to England were there times you clashed?
B: I don’t think we really clashed. I think we just sort of fell apart. It’s one of those relationships for whatever reason didn’t sustain itself. I think our close relationship ended probably in 1969 or 1968. Everything after that can be explained by how much we got paid. You know once we made a lot of money we were all little ‘Hitlers’ in among ourselves. What money does to young people is that it makes them assholes!

03. BARRY ‘the Fish’ MELTON – The Butcher’s Boy (Live 2005) [9:13] UNRELEASED
“The Butcher’s Boy” is a traditional song arranged by Barry Melton (Copyright 2005 Seafood Music BMI), recorded live and taped by Rich Selleseth on May 20, 2005 at the E Street Plaza, Davis, California. Barry is on guitar and vocals,  Steve Ashman on bass, Banana (The Youngbloods) on keyboards and Roy Blumenfeld (The Blues Project) on drums.

The Butcher's Boy is taken from the CD comp of TimeMazine Issue 6 
(Thanks chr111777 for making this video...)

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Daturana – Crossroad Man 2011 (reviewed on TimeMazine #6)

Daturana – Crossroad Man
2011 (LP/CD Nasoni Records)

It’s been 2 years since they ‘offered’ us their debut album “Ghost In The Flowers” also on Nasoni Records. Five dudes hailing from the German Psychedelic Underground present their newest musical adventure, “Crossroad Man”.  It’s still the same progressive feeling of the 70s all over the place, still Pink Floyd fooling around the studio and still Jim’s ghost shines with its presence! But now, I discern more confidence and I see a more mature way of composing and playing. Album takes off with “Insane Pain” a groovy tribal danceable tune that towards its end the adventurous solo guitar and the spacey effects make it a psychedelic anthem.  “Crossroad Man” has nearly haunted doors-like organ turns it to an instant 70s classic. The mid-tempo “Melody” continues the mind journey to the great skies of time. Side 1 closes with the 10:21 min long “Down The Street”, “… come on Baby fuck my mind…”. Ladies and Gentlemen we’re floating into space, there’s a storm coming, watch out for the Riders… Side 2 opens with the hard & groovy rocker “Spanish Blues” with a tasty use of harmonica. “Secrets Of Purple Sky” (9:02) begins with an excellent melodic psych use of guitar while from the middle the song becomes more mystical and weird with narrations and strange synth effects. Last is “The Sea”, a slow sad tune that leaves you with a nostalgic feeling. Well done Boys, I could use this album as a “medium” to other dimensions… TimeLord Michalis

Get it from here: http://www.nasoni-records.com/
more band-info: http://www.daturana.com/blog/

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THE SOCIAL END PRODUCTS – Ego Trip 2011 (reviewed on TimeMazine #6)

2011 (7” Radar Eye Records)


Having heard this stuff from this year’s early summer, this is quite a relief! Not for me. But for ALL of you out there. Because you have the chance to obtain one tasteful single with 4 ‘dynamites’ from one of the best new-comers in the worldwide psychedelic garage scene that I was afraid it wouldn’t be released! The band, formed back in 2009 in Athens is new, but their 4 members (Sta on lead vocals & drums, Man on guitar, Themos on bass and Dimitris on guitar) are quite experienced by being members in hot Greek garage bands such as The Walking Screams, The Outtasites, The Meanie Geanies, The Inner Mystiques, Les Chrites. Of course they took their name after the self-titled garage anthem of New Zealand’s The Blue Stars (’65-’66). It’s released by Radar Eye Records and distributed by Fuzz Overdose (www.fuzzoverdose.com) Single starts with the lysergically rhythmic “Kaleidoscopic Path”, with a killer bass line taken straight from A Saucerful of Secrets and a burnin’ fuzzy west-coast guitar. Kaleidoscopic indeed! “Psych Out” is in the same garage psychy vein, a real catchy tune reminding one of the ’66 golden era of all those garagers from the US (from The Sonics to the Shadows of Knight & the Elavators) while “Good Samaritan Gone Bad” is a mid-tempo garage punky with inspired lyrics. Last one is “Feel Like A Snake”, a fuzzy driven hot rattlesnake garage shaker! This is one of the best 2011’s 45rpm releases. But the negative fact here is that 2 incredible garage-rockers (“I Wanna Disappear” and “She’s Off Drugs She’s So Boring”) are left outside because of the limitation that a 7” single offers. It should be a 10”EP!!! But I’m pretty sure that the band is not going to leave me hungry and greedy… I want more…asap!!! TimeLord Michalis

get it from here: http://www.fuzzoverdose.com/label/

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The Fruits De Mer / Regal Crabomophone 2012 Annual 2011 (reviewed on TimeMazine #6)

The Fruits De Mer / Regal Crabomophone 2012 Annual
2011 (2x7” FdM/RC)

This aphrodisiac delicious vinyl label in order to celebrate a prosperous 2011 and to put us in a more hopeful 2012, releases this special double 7” single. This year (2011) Keith & Andy launched a sister label in order to be able to release exceptional classic covers, original material too. So, this is a combined (check the title) Annual with 7 songs in total (4 for the FdM and 3 for the RG) On to the music now, with the FdM tracks coming first. “Destruction” is the theme from a US 60s teen exploitation film (“Just for the Hell of it”), covered here by a fantasy pop-psych band called Langor, in a beautiful up-tempo guitar driven way. Next is The Bordellos’ version of “I’m a Man” in a primitive raw Rock n’ Roll version that brings to mind The Misunderstood. “In The Court of Conscience”, is an unreleased track from the folk artist Beau, who released a couple of wonderful acid-folk albums back in 70-71. US one-man-band Jay Tausig recreates a typical Jethro Tull atmosphere that makes us wonder if this is a cover version or a lost ORIGINAL one by Ian and his gang, the track is “Thick as a Brick”. Now to the Regal Crabomophone tracks. We first noticed the Finnish Permanent Clear Light through the 2 Fdm comps “A Phase We’re Going Through” and “A Phase we’ve Been Through” and last years’ annual double 7” single, “25 German Boy Scouts” is a 7:35 pop-psych tune with lots of 60s influences (Tim Buckley, Syd Barrett) and a melodic psychedelic feel. Forget the psych-acid-punkers Vibravoid we all knew. “All Stars Are Asleep” is a cosmic space vibra-phonic trip to the infinite universe! Glorious! Finally, there’s “Volcano” by Red Electra ’69, a deep-into-70s frenzied heavy rocker! Limited to 400 copies, scheduled for mid-December, for a bargain at 8 pounds, magnificently superb! TimeLord Michalis

you can't get it from here (sold-out):http://www.fruitsdemerrecords.com/annual2012.html

ELECTRIC MOON - The Doomsday Machine 2011 (reviewed on TimeMazine #6)

ELECTRIC MOON - The Doomsday Machine
2011 (2LP/CD Nasoni Rec)

I’m starting with the only info that I have on this ‘expected’ release. It will be a double splatter LP and digipack CD. So, I’m holding a CDR that Lulu – Electric Moon’s bassist – sent me so I can use the track “Kleiner Knaller” on issue’s CD comp. The band, allowed me to review it, , so… Just 5 tracks with an almost 70min length, in an amazing spacetrip somewhere across the borders of our solar system. Album takes off with “Doomsday Machine” (19:36), a long ‘acid-space-punk’ improvisational jam which surprisingly enough includes vocals, of course in a chaotic and distorted way that fit well with the music that towards its end becomes really creepy & doomy. “Kleiner Knaller” (5:16) is a rhythmic, more speedy tune, one of those cosmic-psych-spacers that only Electric Moon can provide the Earthians… “Spaceman” (13:16) is a lysergic ‘complex’ of sounds & effects starting in an accelerated way but gradually is reducing power, till the engines are off. The most precious material in the outer space is Stardust. There’s no spaceship without it. We’re into a magnetic colourful space field of stardust with a ‘service’ trying to collect it so we can fill our deposit. That’s what is all about the 19:46 “Stardust”. Album reaches its untimely destination with the 21:44 “Feigenmonolog”, a looooong instrumental space jam with extra-terrestrial driven adventurous guitar sound… Beam up Mr. Sula! TimeLord Michalis
Get it from here: http://www.sulatron.com/xoshop/index.php?page=2&cName=nasonirecords-c-2
or from here: http://www.nasoni-records.com/ELECTRIC_MOON_release_The_Doomsday_Machine.html

THE LOCKED WARD - Voyages Into The Inner Psych Of… (reviewed on TimeMazine #6)

THE LOCKED WARD - Voyages Into The Inner Psych Of…
2011 (LP/CD Nasoni Rec)

The Locked Ward are from Norwich, England. I have no other information about them as the only thing I have is a CDR from their upcoming album on Nasoni Records, that one of the members, Craig, kindly enough offered to send over in case I liked it and wanted to do a review. Not only I loved it, not only I’m reviewing it, but also I aired it through my radio-show quite a few times! This band will definitely keep us pretty busy in the near future… So, let’s focus to the music… Album kicks off with the 90sec “Intro To Madness”, I don’t know if it’s an Intro to Madness, but I’m positive that it’s an Intro to Psychness and to Heavyness. “Moving At The Pace Of Valium” is a chaotic psych-rock tune with a lot going on at the background (like tons of feedback). Starts fast but becomes slower, a swirling guitar sound, screams, pounding drums and a voice of a really young Ozzy. “Breaker Of Lives And Souls” is more heavy, more into a psych vein with speedy guitar sound and distinctive bass becoming really trippy psychedelic towards its end (you can listen it on the CD comp of the issue). “All I see Brightly In The Darkness” is a beautiful mid-tempo psych ballad taken straight from the 70s. “Voices In My Mind (Head Caverns)” is a hot-rocker with lots of feedback and a wonderful adventurous guitar solo and continuous ups and downs. “Am I Sick” is a wonderful smooth electric ballad with deep self-exploration lyrics while “As They Lay Sleeping (The Defining Art Of Self Despondancy)” is taken straight from The Masters Of Reality sessions. Next is the long “Words Can Only Echoe The Sadness That The Hours Bring” (11:48), starts in a moody, fuzzy torturous psyche way with a couple of killer speed ups alongside and ends in a mess of feedback sounds. Last one is the title track of the album “Voyages Into The Inner Psych Of…”, 8min and 30sec of pure psych creepy atmosphere with noises, tons of feedback (yes again, any problem?), strange effects, screams, breaths while Craig is spitting the words of a poem or something, really weird and I’d have to ask the guys if they’re just fooling around in the studio or did someone unlock the ward and the insane asylum is now open to the public or the opposite(got it?)….Great Effort… Invest… TimeLord Michalis

But it from here: http://www.nasoni-records.com/The_Locked_Ward_release_Voyages_Into_The_Inner_Psych_Of.html