Friday, December 7, 2012

VARIOUS ARTISTS – Psychedelic World Music – Discovery 2012

VARIOUS ARTISTS – Psychedelic World
Music – Discovery 2012 (CD Trail Records)

I must admit that Trail Records from New York is doing a tremendous job in discovering and promoting artists from around the globe who have as their mission to perform original music inspired by the Unknown Glorious Paths of the 60s and the 70s. This is a compilation of new recordings (2005-2012) by young and relatively unknown artists hailing from different parts of the world. 9 bands, 9 songs (6 of them previously unreleased), 9 different countries with 1 common musical vision, the Psychedelic One! Comp starts with COSMIC VIBRATION (Germany) performing “Aurora” (6:54), a Kosmique Space Rock tune with a steady floating psychedelic vibe and a wondrous guitar sound, followed by TRIPTYCH (UK) on “Origins Of Life” (6:19), continues flow of holy water on an ambient eastern influenced tune that differs from mystical to trippy psychedelic depending on the guitar sound. THE MISTERIOSOS (USA) – the only known band to me from this comp – participate with “The Sun” (9:09), a Floyd influence track (circa Saucerful) with wandering lucid female vocals, a tribal rhythm section and a delicate 60s L.A. guitar sound although the farfisa lends a more garage psych feeling towards its end. “Sixty Nine” (6:50) is a moody improvised guitar based psychedelic jam becoming trippy or heavy at times by MOUCHES A L’ORANGE (Belarus). “Kele Lao” (6:45) by DETI PICASSO (Armenia) follows, in an acidly flavoured psych atmosphere with beautiful female vocals (sung in their home language) flirting with folk and prog. A brilliant example that Music Is Universal! GREY MOUSE (Russia) performs “Snow (Spiral Walk)” (7:24), the sitar adds an Eastern atmosphere, trippy, dreamy that flirts at times with jazz, with a little female ‘scat’ singing till the guitar takes the lead role and the track is taking a heavy psych vein into a crescendo of female vocals at the end. PLOOTOH’s (Italy) “Caronte” (6:06) starts slowly in a moody psychedelic way with a dreamy guitar sound and a few melancholic male vocals towards its end. “The Crazy Dwarf” (9:19) is a trippy improvised jam based on guitars and sitars upon a psychedelized rhythm section with lots of experimentation going on and echoed female vocals by THE NARCOTIC DAFFODILS (Belgium). Last one is ZHAOZE (China) playing “Fishing For The Stars” (6:25), an improvised freejam starting unplugged with acoustic guitars, but becoming really post-psych when the electric power is back on! What A Discovery! Thank you Trail Records! Thank you Alexander! TimeLord Michalis

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