Tuesday, June 19, 2012

SENDELICA - The Satori in Elegance of the Majestic Stonegazer (Review by TimeLordMichalis)

SENDELICA - The Satori in Elegance of the Majestic Stonegazer
2012 (CD FRG Records)

Sendelica’s new album is A JOURNEY TO THE CENTRE OF THE MIND! This Psychedelic-Prog-Space-Stoner-Ambient-Dub-Dark Folk-Experimental band from Cardigan, West Wales, UK just keeps on surprising us, awesomely Good! Along with the Usual Suspects - Pete Bingham (Guitar, Electronics), Glenda Pescado (Bass), Paul Fields (Drums) – there are few guests on the studio to help Sendelica to fulfil their vision. Colin Consterdine (Keyboards, Programming), Lee Relfe (Sax), Virginia Tate (Flute, Guitar), Roger Morgan (Keyboards), Iain Hawk Khan (Monster Electric Fusion Sitar), Oli Davidson Howell (Drums). Their new album is a prog-space jam experiment that is divided into 8 tracks. The opening track “Magical Ninin” is a long instrumental jam, guitar driven and quite heavy with pinches of pure early 70s acid sound, a progressive stoner number! “Aetheraland” it’s an ethereal atmospheric track with peaceful female vocals and a great use of flute, relax your Mind and your Soul will follow. Next follows the “Satori” tetralogy. Through the 4 parts, the band is searching for ‘enlightenment’ in Buddha’s front yard. Part I is a moody relaxing cosmic piece with occasional sax sound and a few ‘mockingbirds’ around the studio. Part II is heavier, it seems that somebody put the plug back in! Loads of feedback through a steady rhythm and an awesome swirling guitar sound. Part III is a 15min ambient-like spacey atmospheric jam, the rhythm is built upon a gentle bass sound, the whole number reminds one of Pink Floyd circa “Animals”. Part IV follows the same motive as Part I, the only difference is that this time hummingbirds are in the studio. Next comes “Preseli Daze”, another long improvisational adventurous space jam. Seems somebody opened the bottle of acid and spread it all over the place. Experimentally flavoured Sax sounds once again. I’ve been Dazed… but NOT Confused! Album closes with “The Majestic Stonegazer” and the title describes it best. An acid, lysergic stoned-gazer! It’s still June, but this is One of the Best Albums of 2012! Come along if you dare! Take a ride to the land inside your mind! TimeLord Michalis

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  1. a nice review. just stopped by to look where I find my name in the internet :) I remember this thingy well where I added some Sitar to the Phantastic music Of Sendelica.
    merry christmas to you and yours
    Lord Iain Hawk