Saturday, June 16, 2012

THE LUCID DREAM – Hits Me Like I’m Stoned (Review by TimeLord Michalis)

THE LUCID DREAM – Hits Me Like I’m Stoned
2012 (7” Fruits de Mer)

Formed in 2008 in Carlisle, Cumbria, North West England, they count 2 sold-out EPs and 2 7” singles. Fruits de Mer releases their new single… Lysergic! Acid! Fresh! Mind Blowing! This is how I can describe the music by this bunch of Brit youngsters. The title of the A Side can easily describe their sound. A sound that hits you like… Yes, Stoned! Like any Lucid Dream in which one is aware that one is dreaming, The music here lets you be hallucinated without even being Stoned! Realistic and Vivid! You can control the state of trance you’ve been transported to! “Hits Me Like I’m Stoned” is a 6:39 min epic psych reverberated acidically drenched song in high voltage hallucinated landscapes. So simple... 
This psychedelic amalgam of Hallucinogenic sounds continues on B side, in which they wonderfully interpret Factory’s 1969 “Try A Little Sunshine”. Waiting for their next movement with pretty much anticipation. A must… TimeLord Michalis

A side here:

Excerpt of B side here:

Try One of the Below, if you're feeling lucky...

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