Saturday, June 16, 2012

THE PRETTY THINGS – Honey, I Need/I Can Never Say (Review by TimeLord Michalis)

THE PRETTY THINGS – Honey, I Need/I Can Never Say
2012 (7” Fruits de Mer)

Well, if I’m not mistaken this is the newest Pretty Things release since 2007’s “All Light Up”. I'll bet that Keith and Andy are really proud about this Fruits de Mer release as they quote things like “… quite possibly the UK's finest ever R&B/psych band with a new release that shows they're still bloody brilliant live 40-odd years on!”. This one is just not another PT single, for the simple reason that it perfectly combines the ‘then’ and ‘now’ Pretty Things. “Honey, I Need” (A side) originally released as a single in Feb 1965 on Fontana. Here, is a new live version taken from their 2010 gig at the 100 club, which approves Keith and Andy’s quote (sic). B side of the original single was “I Can Never Say”. The version included here is an unreleased demo version of a recently found 1965 acetate! Artefact! Now that our appetite is whetted, there is more! Scheduled for release (via FdM Records of course) is a 4 track EP comprising 3 live versions from “S.F. Sorrow” and an unreleased track from the 60s… Get the Picture? TimeLord Michalis

Here's an excerpt:

... and another one:

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