Thursday, June 21, 2012

JACK ELLISTER – The Man With The Biochopper / Citadel (Review by TimeLord Michalis)

JACK ELLISTER – The Man With The Biochopper / Citadel
2012 (7” Fruits de Mer Records / Regal Crabomophone)

Sometimes you hear a track and instantly think, I’ve got to find a way to release it! That was the way I felt when I first heard Jack’s ‘The Man With The Biochopper’, classic psychedelia, but very much of the 21st century. It has everything – wild lyrics (the best use of the phrase “rubber air-pump” I’ve heard in a long time), a girl chorus, a track that builds to a massive, manic crescendo AND a false ending – all in just over 3 ½ minutes – what more can you ask for in a 7” single? How about a great, guitar-driven version of a track from The Stones’ much-maligned ‘Satanic Majesties’ album for the b-side?”… 
Having read Keith’s (Fruits De Mer) quote I was really curious to listen to it. Who wouldn’t be? What is this? British Modern Psych by a Dutch man? Who is this guy? A Bio-Chopper? Well, I was pleasantly surprised by both sides! “The Man With The Biochopper” starts like a false rotated Morricone’s spaghetti western theme with Jack’s whispering vocals and slowly it moves into a psych vein with female vocals, even more stoned male vocals, a killer wondrous guitar solo and an almost explosive ending! Jack’s interpretation on Citadel is almost 1 minute longer,  not moving away from the original and it’s hard to believe that this is a 2012 version! You get a feeling of a Rolling Stones' alternative version (taken straight from ‘Majesties’ outtakes) with different singer! And that’s an achievement! Well done, Jack! TimeLord Michalis

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Scheduled for release August 13th 2012
Colour Vinyl 7"
Limited to 800 copies
Two colour vinyl versions
(No CDs or Downloads)
Fruits de Mer Records' Regal Crabomophone label
(catalogue no. wingle 6)

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