Sunday, January 8, 2012

ELECTRIC MOON - The Doomsday Machine 2011 (reviewed on TimeMazine #6)

ELECTRIC MOON - The Doomsday Machine
2011 (2LP/CD Nasoni Rec)

I’m starting with the only info that I have on this ‘expected’ release. It will be a double splatter LP and digipack CD. So, I’m holding a CDR that Lulu – Electric Moon’s bassist – sent me so I can use the track “Kleiner Knaller” on issue’s CD comp. The band, allowed me to review it, , so… Just 5 tracks with an almost 70min length, in an amazing spacetrip somewhere across the borders of our solar system. Album takes off with “Doomsday Machine” (19:36), a long ‘acid-space-punk’ improvisational jam which surprisingly enough includes vocals, of course in a chaotic and distorted way that fit well with the music that towards its end becomes really creepy & doomy. “Kleiner Knaller” (5:16) is a rhythmic, more speedy tune, one of those cosmic-psych-spacers that only Electric Moon can provide the Earthians… “Spaceman” (13:16) is a lysergic ‘complex’ of sounds & effects starting in an accelerated way but gradually is reducing power, till the engines are off. The most precious material in the outer space is Stardust. There’s no spaceship without it. We’re into a magnetic colourful space field of stardust with a ‘service’ trying to collect it so we can fill our deposit. That’s what is all about the 19:46 “Stardust”. Album reaches its untimely destination with the 21:44 “Feigenmonolog”, a looooong instrumental space jam with extra-terrestrial driven adventurous guitar sound… Beam up Mr. Sula! TimeLord Michalis
Get it from here: http://www.sulatron.com/xoshop/index.php?page=2&cName=nasonirecords-c-2
or from here: http://www.nasoni-records.com/ELECTRIC_MOON_release_The_Doomsday_Machine.html

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