Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Daturana – Crossroad Man 2011 (reviewed on TimeMazine #6)

Daturana – Crossroad Man
2011 (LP/CD Nasoni Records)

It’s been 2 years since they ‘offered’ us their debut album “Ghost In The Flowers” also on Nasoni Records. Five dudes hailing from the German Psychedelic Underground present their newest musical adventure, “Crossroad Man”.  It’s still the same progressive feeling of the 70s all over the place, still Pink Floyd fooling around the studio and still Jim’s ghost shines with its presence! But now, I discern more confidence and I see a more mature way of composing and playing. Album takes off with “Insane Pain” a groovy tribal danceable tune that towards its end the adventurous solo guitar and the spacey effects make it a psychedelic anthem.  “Crossroad Man” has nearly haunted doors-like organ turns it to an instant 70s classic. The mid-tempo “Melody” continues the mind journey to the great skies of time. Side 1 closes with the 10:21 min long “Down The Street”, “… come on Baby fuck my mind…”. Ladies and Gentlemen we’re floating into space, there’s a storm coming, watch out for the Riders… Side 2 opens with the hard & groovy rocker “Spanish Blues” with a tasty use of harmonica. “Secrets Of Purple Sky” (9:02) begins with an excellent melodic psych use of guitar while from the middle the song becomes more mystical and weird with narrations and strange synth effects. Last is “The Sea”, a slow sad tune that leaves you with a nostalgic feeling. Well done Boys, I could use this album as a “medium” to other dimensions… TimeLord Michalis

Get it from here: http://www.nasoni-records.com/
more band-info: http://www.daturana.com/blog/

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