Monday, May 30, 2016


TimeMazine Issue #9
(scheduled for release... September 2016)

The Time has come for all you Beautiful Minds…
For All you Artists / Labels / Record-Dealers…
The Time is Now
To reserve Advert-Space
For the coming Issue of TimeMazine

 From the country that invented psychedelia

Europe´s Underground Voice For Psychedelic Culture, Art and Music

Read by the Beautiful People

For the First Time In Full Psychedelic Color

Comes with a 7” vinyl Single & a mind-blowing CD comp

Readers World-wide

Target Group Orientated (TimeMazine is “Sold and Read” – NOT an edition for the dustbin like many other magazines)

Full Alternative Magazine (with a different credibility)

TimeMazine is read for months again and again (so advertising has a long term effect compared to monthly magazines)

 Longest running magazine with competence on psychedelic topics

Super interesting stuff most people do not even know about and only learn from TimeMazine’s Exclusive Interviews by the 60s People

 Tons of Reviews (LP / CD / DVD / Books)

TimeMazine is selling ad-spaces for Issue #9.

i: Order Now. Pay in July 2015.
ii: Order Now. Pay Now! And Get a 25% Discount!

Issue #9 is Scheduled for Release in September 2015.

TimeMazine… The Real Stuff
TimeMazine… The Psychedelicious Affect
Be Part of the Psychedelic Revolution

TimeMachine + FanZine = TimeMaZine

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