Friday, December 7, 2012

VARIOUS ARTISTS – Keep Off The Grass (2011)

VARIOUS ARTISTS – Keep Off The Grass
2011 (LP Fruits De Mer Records FdM21) 

If you aren’t familiar with the releases of Fruits de Mer Records, and if you’re somehow new to this complicated psychedelic fuzz n’ flower “genre” then this 19-track double LP compilation is the perfect way to start digging the glorious underground psych past of the late 60s early 70s era. On the other hand if you happen to be a truly aficionado of the psych-past, then these ‘reinterpretations’ will make the admiration to these new bands become much stronger. What we have here, is a bunch of “revivers” hailing from the UK, USA, France, Spain and Finland, paying the dues to “classic” 60s Psychedelia by the likes of well-known names (Pink Floyd, The Byrds, Sky Saxon, Jefferson Airplane, Beatles, Traffic, Chocolate Watch Band, Amboy Dukes, Tomorrow, Thunderclap Newman) and also less-known names (The Godz, Skip Spence, John’s Children, Aquarian Age, Nazz, Gemini, Good Feeling’s, Marc Brierley). It’s really hard to pick favorites, but versions like Sendelica’s “Journey To The Center Of The Mind” or Permanent Clear Light’s “Cymbaline” or Sky Picnic’s “Revolution” could re-start the “carrier” of each one of these songs into the nowadays “bored” charts! The year is 2012, and we are experiencing a lack of color. This compilation, these versions, are so god damn colorful! So old but so new! So psychedelically fresh! Just play the vinyl records and try to smell the incense coming straight from the record’s grooves… This is the Best Compilation album of 2011, An Absolutely Fully Mind-Blowing Expanding Psychedelic Experience! Besides, the color vinyl, besides the amazing gatefold sleeve, besides the 19 lil’ pieces of modern-re-arranged-psychedelia, there’s another great surprise. Album comes with a wonderful packet of joss-sticks! Fruits de Mer’s special Blend designed to enhance your listening pleasure! So, after all, it wasn’t so hard to keep off the grass, right Sam? TimeLordMichalis

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