Monday, December 10, 2012


Butterfly Revolutions Vol.2
2011 (CD self release)

I can’t think of any US band playing the psychedelic pop 60s with such freshness and inspiration as Gregory Curvey and his band does. Just before the year (2011) of the Butterfly expired, the band from Chicago kept its promise and released the follow-up to Butterfly Revolutions, the promising Vol.2. The recipe remains quite the same, but without becoming boring either for just a second from the 41:08 of the album. Gregory (mastermind of LOEH) has the ability/privilege to create beautiful pop-psych tunes through a procedure that he calls it ‘Popped Psychedelic Rock and Rollism’ (sic!). So, what we have here are 12 songs full of 60s influences (from the Beatles and the Byrds to Stones and Love) filtered with today’s sound. A mix of melodic, dreamy psychedelically catchy tunes that sometimes becoming a little more heavier or rock-oriented, all dressed with nice vocals, interesting effects under a great musicianship. Album starts in a real smooth way with the lyrical & dreamy “Metropolis” but continues in a more speedy way with the more 70s-less 60s heavy rocker “Complicated Mind”. “Caroline” and “North Hampton Woods” are sweet psych-ballads that bring to mind the mellower moments of their homies (and good friends too) Smashing Pumpkins. It’s because of songs like “The Ottoman Girl” that make them the ideal band to open with “SF Sorrow is Born” the Fruits de Mer Tribute Compilation “Sorrow’s Children”. One of the best moments of the album follows, the late-Beatlesque “Henrietta Lacks A Smile” with a great use of piano and strings. “Flowers” and “Whither Fare Thou Be” are the rockier tunes here with a touch of psych of course. “Revolutions” acts like a soft & slow organic interlude, while “Realization Loop” increases the volume to high levels. “We Are Not Self Control” has a dreamy relaxing melody and album closes with my personal highlight, the psychedelically flavoured “A Drop In The Ocean”. Butterfly has spoken. Follow her Oracle! TimeLord Michalis

Butterfly Eat Gumdrops
2012 (CD Self Released)

I’m privileged and honored to have the 006 CD album of this extra-limited-to-200 copies newest psychedelic adventure of Gregory and The Luck Of Eden Hall. I’ve said it many times, on earlier reviews. I’m saying it once more. This is about the Art of Making little Beautiful Psychedelic-Pop musical pieces flavored with the whole 60s psych culture! Gregory and the rest of the gang, bend over the album with so much love, creativity, passion and care that all these are reflected in the final result, the 11 compositions. Album takes off with the nostalgic, melodic, piano based “High Heeled Flippers”. An outtake from the “White” album. Definitely! The trippy&heavy pop-psych and full of sitar sound “Bangalore” follows. The freshy “Ten Meters Over The Ground” can lift you more than 10 meters over the ground. How the hell they come with such melodies? The double (or whatever) vocal harmonies along with the synth sound and the mellotron and the backward guitars make “Summertime Girl” not just another Love song. I dare to say a psych sophisticated one! “Amoreena Had Enough Yesterday” has great orchestration and reminds of some of the best of George Martin’s productions (got it?) Distinctive backward guitar sound once more on the sunny fresh poppy “Green Faery”. “Wasting The Days Of Youth” shines with its neo-psychedelic feel and pompous orchestration while “Goodnight Anne Berlin” flirts with British (what else?) Psych in band’s own characteristic style. Yes! They managed to create their OWN style! “A Carney’s Delirium” has some really wondrous electric guitar playing while “This Is Strange” (which Gregory kindly enough gave us permission to include on this Issue’s CD comp) is just what a 3 and a half min neo-psych-pop song is all about!  Album closes with the self-titled “Alligators Eat Gumdrops” in a rockier way, only to leave you wondering “is this the 10th  11th time that I’m repeating this album?” I believe that probably this is their best album so far, and I’m waiting for the day that some label in Europe will discover their genius and release their “works” here too. Enjoy it! TimeLord Michalis


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