Monday, December 17, 2012

DRUG FREE YOUTH – The Avocado Index (2012)

DRUG FREE YOUTH – The Avocado Index
2012 (LP/CD Nowhere Street Music)

This is the follow-up to 2006’s debut album “A Message From Now”. Hard to believe that this is a one-man-band and the visions that this Psyche-Head (George F.) is generously offering to us (listeners). So, George went to the nearby forest picked up a couple of native mushroom varieties, then he closeted himself in his room with a bunch of analog (mostly) gear and wrote, played, recorded and mixed 19 tracks (varied from 0:40sec to 3:36min). He named the whole venture “The Avocado Index” and released it as an LP/CD/Free mp3 Download through his close friend George Markou's Nowhere Street Music label. The LP is full of inspired 60s music with an attitude to experiment in various and scarce musical forms – from neo-psych and modern-punk-pop to sci-fi music and avant garde! Album starts with the instrumental “Pulsating Yellow Heart”, John Cage’s mind meets Mimis Plessas melodies while Rick Wakeman shares keyboards with Joseph Byrd! “Faces From The Past” is a happy Ska/Rocksteady computerized sunny effected anthem inspired by the “Golden” age of the new –wave 80s (I swear I heard Ian’s voice calling “…This is the way Step Inside…”) The experimental and full of weird sounds “Miniature Ninjas” follows. “The Mysteries Of Life: Ms Abigeil Doe” is an aggressive acid garage punky 2min dynamite. “Bonus Beats” with its spacey effects and the sharp fuzzy guitars comes next while “The Broken Circle” is another keyboard dominated experimental instrumental with lots of effects. Back to normal with “Patterns”, a song that moves into a psychedelic vein with vocals coming straight from the bottom of a well. The experimental “Thieves Of Forgotten Dreams” with its whispered vocals moves in a sci-fi spacey vein. “Σύννεφα Από Καραμέλα” (Caramel Clouds) is a mushroom inspired psyched garage song with Greek lyrics…  Picture yourself in a boat on a river with tangerine trees and marmalade skies… Side A closes with “Doppelganger Love” – a garage punker with a sick-poppy atmosphere (cool!!!) Side B opens with the garagy “Time”, a guitar&farfisa driven song with a west-coast fuzzy feeling. “A Cat” is another instro moving into a psych-garage style while “Sans Marker” welcomes sunshine west-coast psychedelia with lots of experimentation going all the way, this one could easily fit in “The Beat Of The Earth” album. “Veronique” is a pop-psych song reminding Neighb'rhood Childr'n or Music Emporium. More experimentation on “A Voice Repeats”. “Εργοτάξιο” (Construction Site) has Greek lyrics (worth mentioning that the last verse is written by Yorgos Romanos who released the ultra rare psychedelic masterpiece back in 1970 “Two Small Blue Horses”) and is a cocktail-sound of guitars, keyboards, spacey effects, really an explosive one. “Surveillance Alphabet” with its sci-fi atmosphere and the synth effects makes me sure that somewhere there in George’s room was the ghost of Iannis Xenakis (but I still wonder what the seagulls are doing there). “Tomorrow” is a fast organ dominated new-ager with a psych feel. Album closes with the nostalgic neo-psych futuristic “The Future”. The Avocado Index is a record destined to be “Cult” from its very first day of release. TimeLord Michalis

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