Tuesday, December 11, 2012

PERMANENT CLEAR LIGHT – Higher Than The Sun/Afterwards (2012)

Higher Than The Sun/Afterwards
2012 (7” FdM Records)

I believe that it is the luck of sun in the Scandinavia area (Finland) that forces/inspires people/artists to create such sunny, joyful euphoric melodic tunes! Permanent Clear Light introduced themselves 2 years ago taking part on FdM’s compilation “A Phase We’re Going Through” with Who’s “In The City”. Having occupied another 4 FdM comp releases, now the time has come for a 7” single of their own! On Side A, there’s their own composition “Higher Than The Sun”, so sunny but so full of melancholy simultaneously. Question: What the hell Bowie’s Space Oddity is doing inside Floyd’s Dark Side? Answer: It’s just Permanent Clear Light’s mystic formula to drag us Higher Than the Sun, maintaining our Molecular Structure in its entirety! On Side B, they cover Peter Hammil’s “Afterwards” (originally on Van de Graaf’s Grey Aerosol Machine), a cool version, thrifty but lightly space effected in the middle with beautiful vocal harmonies, makes me think that this one could have been recorded back in the early 70s. Versions like this, explains why the band happen to be one of FdM’s favorites! After all, don’t forget that – as someone used to say back in the 80s – It’s Always The Sun… and nothing but the Sun… TimeLord Michalis

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