Tuesday, April 17, 2012

THE GOOD HAND – The Good Hand (Review by TimeLord Michalis)

THE GOOD HAND – The Good Hand
2011 (CD Self Released / LP Minstrel)

 When I first got this CD in my hands and after listening to it repeatedly, I was so blown away that I searched for the 4 magic numbers on the booklet. But, there’s no date! So, is this a 70s lost band? A late 60’s maybe? The results of my research gave me this release date: 24 September 2011! I searched deeper. The Good Hand are a power rock Dutch trio consisted of Dennis Edelenbosch (bass), Arjan Hoekstra (guitar/vocals) and Ingmar Regeling (drums). They started the band in 2010 with a vision to redefine the good old days of 70s rock n’ roll. Debut album including 9 songs, spreading out in 45min and 43 sec, with a great variety of influences and an even greater use of ‘other’ instruments, like bouzouki, tuba, piano, melodica, hitorgan, philicorda. Album starts with “Between Four Walls”, a catchy mid-tempo rocker with strong vocals and a few heavy riffs here and there. “The Ostrich” has a powerful rhythm section with a distinctive bass sound and nice vocals. “Ghost” is a Zepellinsque heavy rocker while “Drifting And Dreaming” is a nostalgic rock ballad with really catchy lyrics. Next comes my personal favourite, the highlight, the song that easily could make it to a Top 10 chart. “Remain”, powerful drumming, hot guitar solos and real strong vocals. “Wait wait wait” is another heavy rocker with consecutive speed-ups and speed-downs, it could set the whole stadium on fire! “Solitude” is a melancholic sing-a-long ballad with a great use of many of the aforementioned ‘other’ instruments. Back to basis with the next one. “On The Lips” is a heavy acid prog rocker! Album closes with the 7min long “Lost In Light” an epic moody melancholy ballad full of wind instruments and harrowing vocals. The Good Hand is going to keep us pretty occupied the next years, so… invest! TimeLord Michalis

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