Tuesday, April 17, 2012

BABY WOODROSE – Third Eye Surgery (Review by TimeLord Michalis)

BABY WOODROSE – Third Eye Surgery
2012 (LP/CD Bad Afro Records)

Danish psychedelic garagers Baby Woodrose release their 6th studio on April 16th.  This time Lorenzo -mastermind and driving force behind the band- flirts more than any previous time with the heavy psych and the space prog scenery, dominated by a fierce desire to experiment! “Third Eye Surgery” has been recorded in the Black Tornado studio in Copenhagen, engineered by Anders ‘Evil Jebus’ Onsberg and produced by Lorenzo. The artwork is made by German artist Kiryk Drewinski (also did “Mindblowing Seeds and Disconnected Flowers”). Most of the tracks are more than 5 min long, so there’s no questioning why there are only 9 songs in the contents. Let’s start.  Album takes off with Down To The Bottom”, a typical garagy & fuzzy BW song. “Waiting For The War” has real strong lyrics and a futuristic minimal draggy and drummy atmosphere. Next one is a duet with Danish singer Emma Acs. “Dandelion” (released as 2nd single) is a fine psych-pop 2:31 ballad with a west-coast late 60s Rickenbacker intro guitar sound and inspired dialogues like “If I was a Jesus Freak...” or “If I was a Woodrose Seed…”. “It’s Just A Ride” starts with a Seeds haunted Farfisa Up-In-Her-Room sound and becomes a druggy mind blowing psychedelic anthem! “Bullshit Detector” is coming straight from 1971’s In Search Of Space, a very psych & spaced-out track, with loads of heavy guitars and endless feedback! The sitar on “Nothing Is Real” (chosen as the 1st single) gives an Eastern feeling while Psychedelia reaches High Levels. The High Psychedelic Levels continue with “Love Like A Flower” while sitar and fuzz are melting in a perfect way. “Third Eye Surgery” is a heavy space-rock dynamite with spacey lyrics too. Last but not least is “Honalee”, a beautiful trippy ambient psych ballad. Experiment dressed in success. Surgery succeeded, Third Eye functions (works) again, and Lorenzo must be proud for having released one of the best albums in 2012! Invest… TimeLord Michalis

1st Single: "Nothing is Real"

 2nd Single: "Dandelion" 



  1. Not sure I agree with you on all of this TLM old chap. Whilst it's not a stinker by any means I don't feel it is one of his/their best either. I felt that LW was coasting lyrically with a number of tunes and the duet did little for me either. Still better than most commercial stuff granted, but not his best.

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